Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Direction


The direction I am taking my blog:

  • Butterflies - a forever love. They lead me through life and I find them when things are tough and I need a reminder to keep it light and airy, one will sweep past me and remind me that life should be whimsical and free. I consider the butterfly part of the blog to be the ins and outs of my life and the spiritual side of things.
  • Books - I've been reading passionately since I was 4. I would always try to squeak by just one extra book at bedtime, or 3 more books to bring home from the library because I couldn't make up my mind. I read Little Women to my Mom at 5 (it was a simplified version, but still had me hooked). I devoured books then and still to this day devour books. Mom used them as bargaining tools to get me to do things I didn't want to do.
  • Beats - Music is the soundtrack to our lives. I love to turn on music and get a task done. It motivates me to move more, smile more and love more.
  • Baubles - Where would I be without accessories? The extras in life. The shoes, earrings, hair clips, hobo bags and MAKEUP. It makes me sparkle and adds the touches that make me ME.
So I plan on
* a weekly music review,
* a bi-monthly book review,
* random updates on accessory & makeup finds, nature as it occurs to me, spiritual Neo-Pagan updates as that is what defines me in the spiritual realm (kept light and open as I am believer that if your religion makes you happy and brings you light then it is the right religion for you!), News that relates to any of the above, and last but not least "Things that Make My Heart Flutter" (anything that brings the happy to that degree can get a post!).

So welcome to Butterflies, Books, Beats & Baubles

B4 you go xoxo.

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