Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beautiful Boho Baubles

My current favorite accessories are a mish mash of items that pull this kind of boho chic feel. They sparkle with just the right amount of natural energy to them as well.

*A long beaded necklace with different shapes and sizes of natural and sparkly beads. The one I own is from and has wooden beads, blue and amber beads that have an iridescent finish and little lumpy pearls. It's perfect to wear long or to wrap around twice as a short layered necklace.
*My earrings are small hammered silver hearts but the hearts are asymmetrical, I couldn't find their likeness but these circles are close enough
*My purse is currently a Target special. Converse brand dark gray hobo style with a heavy twisted handle. I love the handle and am a little crushed that the zipper to the small front pocket broke yesterday. Time to find a new bag. I wish I could use the handle on another bag. It's the best handle ever.
*For shoes I've been wearing a yellow wedge with cutouts. Comfy and cute and yellow complements a lot of summer color schemes.
*My sunglasses are always on the funky side. I love finding them at TJ Maxx or Marshalls because even with a sunglasses case I am still terribly hard on sunglasses and end up scratching or breaking them. This way I get funky glasses for low prices and am not as crushed as if I spent a fortune on designer shades.
*My hair is cut shorter for the summertime and so I am using headbands and hairpins to hold it out of my eyes during the day. Curly hair likes to curl toward my contact wearing eyes no matter how hard I try. So a peacock feather clip is currently my favorite fashion accessory. Tres' Chic.

Also not mentioned but important for peep toe shoe season is the pedicure. I've been keeping a dark deep purple that is almost mistaken for black. It's an OPI shade that is a few seasons old but I keep going back to it because it's so versatile.

On my fingers is a clear sparkly silver also an OPI shade. It's a top coat. I like using it because it keeps my fingernails covered but light.

Little details and accessories can make even a boring outfit pop.

B4 you go...xoxo

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