Thursday, August 14, 2008


Things I Love Thursday: Brought to me by Gala Darling.

photo by galadarling

Gala's daily musings are rubbing off on me. She is a little pixie full of pep and positive thoughts. I am normally positive but the job search/turning this temporary job into a permanent job is getting me kind of low. So in honor of her I am posting about things that are making me happy, things I love!

*Piercing: My piercing of my nose makes me infinitely happy. I made excuses as to why I couldn't get it done but when I finally did it work didn't care and it really makes me happy.

*Friends: Meeting my twitter friends from Jacksonville live and in person. Jeff, William and their bevy of fabulous gay men made my weekend last Friday night. I talked about what a good time I had on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and I think I even mentioned it to someone on Wednesday too. I hope to meet other soon as well.

*Music: Buying tickets to see Black Kids with The Virgins opening on 9/19. I am so excited! Oh and Jes introducing me to Loveage! Also I created an account at and got stuck DJ'ing for over an hour just because it was so much fun.

*Pictures: Whether it's taking snap shots at parties or lookin over my flickr friends page. I love seeing things from behind a camera lens. Oh and when you find super hot pictures it's always brings a smile (links NSFW)!

*Honorable mentions: Laughs with my very cool, hope to have as a permanent boss. Crystals that are charged with beautiful positive energy. Rain that drums on the roof a rythym for sleep. Sex that makes sleep necessary. A husband who delievers it like that and then some. A sleepy dog who's tongue won't stay in his mouth. The Olympics (and my medal counter on my igoogle page)!

Tell me about things that you love.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Testing posting from email

123...does this work?

How cool Is this gadget!

I posted this to the front page of my igoogle page to watch our status at the Olympics. Neato!

Olympic Medal winners at NBC!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday night happy hour

We went out to Kickbacks to meet my Twitter friends. We had a blast drinking with these guys. Talking music, politics our jobs and the kind of week we had. The guys are great. I love them and think they are a riot. We then walked to Park Place right across the street. They had the Olympics on all the screens. The boys played a bowling game and I ran into some other friends I knew. My hairdresser Harree (see picture on left) was there with his cousins.

Terrell and Jeff (next picture) may be talking politics, may be talking about music, but either way they got along great. We made a wonderful new group of friends that my husband talked up just as much as I did. The last picture is Jay (I think , I never really caught his name), Hailey, Chris and William. William I knew from way back. We met William when I was nineteen. We used to party with him and another group of friends that has now ended up moved all over the U.S. I fond him on twitter and added him and some other people he had friended and it put me here. He is a sweetheart and I am so glad we reconnected. So part one of our weekend. Part 2 is Mike's 40th birthday bash and hold on to your knickers...this one was a doozy. Jeff has a few more pictures here: and I have more here: